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Simon Says: Minimalist Design with a Twist

How to add focal points to a calm setting for an unusual edge

If there’s one conclusive word that defines the design aesthetic of Simon Chong Design Consultants, then ‘elegance’ is most fitting. Throughout his residential and commercial spaces that all embody distinct and personal styles, this is the one common theme that threads throughout. Founder and designer Simon Chong always adheres to understated design, while ensuring the final result is refined and perfectly balanced - harmony is engaged through materials, textures and contours to great effect. Advises Simon, “first of all, utilise a base neutral hue as the dominant colour of the space, then think about the space’s use and features to bring in the right proportions of materials and colours - from woods and marbles, suede padding, metal and brass, patterns to unique lighting, ornaments and artwork, the options are endless - to bring interest and layers into the picture.” Straight lines and geometric elements meanwhile, will help free up the space and encourage the light to traverse, creating a smooth and consistent flow.  

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