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The Midas Touch: Introducing Gold in a Design Scheme for a Timeless Look

Delicate ways to work with the aesthetic without giving off an overly ornate and clichéd impression

While conventional gold used in home decor gives off an overly ornate and clichéd impression, Simon Chong believes that the key to utilising gold effectively is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Says Simon, "Light golden lines can show classic charm. When planning and designing, you must always pay attention to the penetration of sight and light, and use multiple techniques to let the gold flow throughout a space."

Simon has repeatedly demonstrated the ideal use of gold in the commercial and residential projects he has handled. For example, next to the golden-toned marble background wall, Simon has used a light combination method to select and combine soft furnishings of the same colour, where sculptures, floral arrangements, lighting, and cabinets are harmonious and unified. 

For projects smaller in size, Simon advocates decor that eliminates excessive visual interference, juxtaposing appropriate white space with the right balance of gold elements and creating custom furniture with hollow details to increase the visual impact. It’s this transparency that creates a simple yet gorgeous atmosphere. Contact us at Simon Chong Design Consultants for more design inspiration.



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