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The Power of Red: How to Add Passion to a Space with the Bold Choice

The right ways to use the rich and luxurious color

Bright and enthusiastic, red creates a strong signalling effect, drawing attention to features that have been neglected. It’s also a colour that’s difficult to control in the eyes of many, and people often have reservations on whether it should be brought into a living environment. To seasoned interior designers like Simon Chong however, this impact-enhancing hue is, when used in moderation, an essential element to elevate the energy of a space. Red tones encompass different shades, such as burgundy wine, orange or purple, plums, etc, each with their own extraordinary temperament, which can be modern and bold, but also evoke the charms of the past; When implemented in artworks, lighting fixtures, furnishings, pillows, carpets and other accessories, these help create a warm living atmosphere. The ingenious application of red to the wall has the effect of shortening one’s perception of length visually, which makes the space feel open or intimate according to the needs of users. Contact Simon Chong Design Consultants directly to learn more about the best colours for your space and spatial planning solutions.



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