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Interior Design Aesthetics for 2023

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Ways to embrace earthy tones in your space

While we believe that design trends are purely a reference tool and never a must follow, it’s often beneficial to draw inspiration from habitual preferences and lifestyle habits. As such, for 2023, earth tones in interiors are a popular choice that respond to our longing to be closer to nature - let these moody, fulfilling hues sublimate your living environment.

Colours referencing natural minerals, soil or earth such as khaki, burnt brown and burnt ochre, can impart stable and positive energy to every space. As well, furnishings such as an organic brown linen sofa, a chocolate velvet armchair, or ivory wall decoration details can contain the healing properties that Mother Earth exudes.

Designer Simon Chong recommends mixing and matching tactile materials with different shades and textures of colours to create charming layers. Make it your own with options such as midnight blue, pink, terrazzo, mosaic, silver or copper tones, stone trims, sculptures, tapestries and neo-classical references. Timeless, chic and on trend indeed.



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