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Wise Advice from Our Chief Designer: All the Details to Consider When Planning the Best Audio-visual

The perfect sound experience needs to be paired with an appropriate room configuration

The planning of audio-visual in an interior is something of great importance in interiors - for Simon, the principal of Simon Chong Design Consultants, prioritises the interaction between space and sound. It’s only with this mindset and understanding can a professional home theatre be effectively conceived. He shares, “Guests should decide whether they want basic, advanced or professional equipment before starting the design project. In doing so, our design team can more easily grasp the requirements of the projection equipment, analog or multi-channel speakers, Blu-ray players or electric screens needed? When it comes to positioning, it’s convenient to hide the screen and audio lines to enable this to integrate with the overall aesthetic plan. Says Simon, “For homeowners interested in installing home projectors, we suggest an environment with a space of more than three metres to be most ideal. This ratio for projection distance and projection size is also more ideal. At the same time, it is also necessary to reserve some space for heat dissipation, ventilation and maintenance when necessary.” Shading, sound absorption, and sound insulation are also elements Simon’s team is skilled at achieving for clients. Contact us anytime to learn more about planning solutions in home acoustics.



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